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Use this forum as a place to post your questions for the BFA Agronomy team to answer. We’ll go over these questions in the BFA Agronomist conference calls and update the forum with answers.

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Hi David,

Looking forward to the conference call, Here are some of my questions: I am farming on 20 acres row crops and fruit trees, this is the fifth season for this piece of land. Originally soil tests showed a very low pH of 5 this was limed and has risen over time now showing between 6.8 and 7.6 so ideally I would like to see it closer to 6.5 and I think over time with compost it will balance out to there. we have low total exchange capacity in our sandy loam soil and low sulfur. our organic matter has gone up from 1% to over 2%.
I am wondering what the application rate for elemental sulfur should beif our numbers are between 11 and 40 ppm.

we have high iron and high phosphorous I am hoping that the calcium will balance this out ours is around 800 - 1200 ppm.

Considering gypsum vs oyster shell flour for available calcium but not sure on application rates.

We feel like one of the best practices we have seen great results with has been inline fertigation with kelp, fish emulsion, wondering about bio innoculants and stimulants, any omri approved sources for these.

we’ll talk soon


Have You had experience with carbonitite? Does it affect soil pH? Is it helpful in soils that already have high Ca? does it increase CEC? have you seen it help with disease control via better cell wall integrity from Ca?
Is micronized foliar or soil application for disease control more effective?
How effective on pastures? Have you seen it used in orchards and vineyards? How helpful is it for small grains?
Dan Lefever


I have been reading Gary F. Zimmer book “the Biological Farmer” He discusses how very little calcium in lime is available to the plant. He suggests using hydrated lime and sulfur for some of the needed calcium. Is there any suggested maximum or minimum application rates? What kind of sulfur should I add with it? Do you have any other suggestions on Calcium. How does gypsum rate in availability to the plant?


One more question Is there a formula to estimate the nitrogen contribution from the organic material?


If soil is quite low in main micronutrients would you recommend supplementing foliar micronutrients throughout growing season while I slowly build the soil levels of the micros? One application per crop? Every few weeks?