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Organising space of the coordination working group for Farm Hack Reading 2019

Farm Hack Thames Valley 2019 organising hub

Is anyone else finding the Reading tag confusing? Would Oxon be better?


Maybe green broom or Oxon, so we don’t have folks thinking we are talking about reading books


Not sure about Oxon, makes me think of big cows, rather than the location.

Oxfordshire? Thames Valley? South England?


I like Thames Valley! or South-east?


Sorry, i know i started it but this might be a good discussion for the Riot room? :wink:


Can anyone recommend a good open source, online spreadsheet app that also allows real time editing? The one i’ve been using (datengarten) is super glitchy and doing my head in…



Check out @Darren "s recommendation ob he finance thread - Finance group Farm Hack Reading 2019


Next coordinating group meet coming up soon if you would like to join please let us know here

Agenda for this meeting

Notes from the last coordination group meeting are

Farm Hack Thames Valley 2019 - Call for Contributions