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Wed 23 May 1pm EST


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I agree if you think that is a better use of energy. It seems like this might be a better option for a larger group of GOATers who would like clarity on the mission, values, and practice should be. The facilitation can be done virtually as well. It might not be worth the investment for the smaller interoperability group.


Here are notes from the first working group call:

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Hi everyone! My name is Myriam, I’m based in France and very active in the Open Food Network project.
Sorry I’m pretty late here and don’t have so much time at the moment but I’m driving a project about food platforms interoperability since 1,5 year now and I would be more than happy to share with you about it, hear the challenges that motivated that group to form, and see if we could work together.

Please check the last version of the interoperability standard that we published a couple of weeks ago: and the blogposts that explain step by step what we did to arrive here:
We still have A LOT to do, it is a long term project in our mind, but we want to go quick.
We are raising some funds at the moment from French public funders, especially on the use case about “build mutualised logistics services for short food chains”.

I really aim that this project become more international, that’s why we worked mainly in English even if we started only with French actors (was easier to start ;-)) and I would be more than happy to join forces with you all and build data standards as global commons that we develop and maintain together as a global community of value and vision aligned people. There are more people who want to join forces wordlwide, especially I know the people from

I proposed to organise a call in some people from that group that I was connected to by email, but proposing it here too after 15th June, I’ll be super happy to discuss with you :slight_smile: Cheers!


Wow Myriam, that’s awesome work. We have applications for this in the real food campaign, I’d love to take a look at it as we’re setting up our database now, and have some flexibility in how we structure it.

Let’s connect!


@Myriam awesome! I would also love to hear what you’ve learned! I’m familiar with both OFN and - but haven’t worked with either directly yet. Looking forward to talking!


Ok folks, what is your timeframe? Cause I am a bit under water at the moment, if that can wait till august that would make my life easier… else I would suggest 27th, where are you based so that we adjust the time proposal? I think US right? Then my afternoons would be your mornings. Tell me about august, else 27th June.


August is fine with me. Pretty busy right now, too. And might give more people an opportunity to see this and join.

I am located in the Eastern US timezone.


Salut Myriam! I’m not sure if you remember me, but we met at OuiShare Paris last summer and chatted quite a bit about OFN. Welcome to GOAT! Excited to have you part of our discussions. I was actually planning on reaching out to you. Glad you got looped in through other channels. I just got off a call with @sudokita and we’re thinking that it makes sense to wait until August for a meeting. Should we start thinking of a date now? I have been suggesting we meet at 12pm or 1pm EST which is 18h or 19h CET so that things work for European participants. Hope all is well on your end!


Hey guys, I’m hoping to make a brief mention of the Working Group in the introduction video to the Goat Webinar Series as one example of how GOAT members continue to collaborate outside the conference. I’m reviewing your last meeting’s notes, but is there anything in particular you’d like me to mention? Any calls to action?

What I have in my notes so far:

The Data Interoperability Working Group is exploring the ways that GOAT participants can make their various projects work together more smoothly. This includes creating standards for hardware, software and the data itself, and entails work being done in academia, crop planning, marketing, and environmental justice, as well as making the space accessible to DIY hackers and hobbyists. The group has a discussion topic open in the forum, where you’ll also find links to helpful resources.


Hi @aaronc and others, I’m sorry I didn’t answer before, working on too many things, sometimes mails get stuck :wink: We are moving forward with DFC and will soon have some usable standard that the ecosystem will be able to test, with everything on github of course to start opening up more for broader community contribution. And test the standard in real life to see if we need to improve the ontology that supports it. If you want we can setup a time early January for a call. Could be Thursday 10th my evening (your morning) for instance? Else you can propose another date.
Looking forward to talking with you more into details about all that and also learn from your feedback and about what you are doing on your side !


Hi Everyone, I’m Matthew.
I write to you from conference in Antwerp where I just learned about your organization.
Please forgive my self intro in the midst of this interoperability thread–but interoperability is in our DNA.
I lead IC-FOODS at UC Davis. IC-FOODS is the International Center for Food Ontology Operability Data and Semantics. Our mission is to build the global infrastructure for enabling the Semantic Web and the Internet of Food.

You can see a video of one of my talks that describes our work here:

Would love to be part of your data interoperability efforts, and also to perhaps see some of you at our upcoming conference happening Mar 22-25, 2019

Looking forward to getting to know you all better and to seeing how we can join forces. ~mc