Finance group Farm Hack Reading 2019


This is the organising space for the finance group.

We talked about using online collaborative spreadsheets that are free/libre open source software (FLOSS), there are a few options.

Ethercalc is one simple choice - which can be accessed and edited by anyone who knows the link to the spreadsheet. This link can be complex/random and pretty unguessable or something simple and easily memorable.

There are lots of places hosting ethercalc, I’d suggest we use the service at - the Allmende/ crew work with many European agroecological projects and share our values.

Alternatively there are a few options that are possible via nextcloud with collabora or onlyoffice, which provide the option to have access control. This option is possibly more complex than we need - but I can probably organise something if we decide we require it.

Farm Hack Reading 2019 organising hub