Introduce yourself to GOAT!

Here is a short bio on me. I am interested in developing collaborative decentralized networks where basic human needs are cared for based on productivity and work towards the greater good. I look forward to new ways of sharing my skills and knowledge in the areas of therapeutic education, horticulture, farming, nature connection, and phenomenology. I would like to do my part to help Regen fulfill its mission to transform living systems on a global scale by offering education programs for those training people in stewardship.

I am a biodynamic farmer with over 20 years of experience in the field of horticulture.Jim is an educator with demonstrated dedication to the practice and development of experiential learning and living thinking. He is the land stewardship teacher at Meristem, a land based transitional program for young adults with autism located in Fair Oaks, CA. Prior to his work with Meristem, I designed and taught the gardening curriculum at Golden Valley Charter School a Waldorf inspired TK-8 elementary school in Orangevale,CA. I have presented biodynamic farming workshops for Waldorf education conferences at Rudolf Steiner college. In 2008 I started Bowen Landscaping and Gardening a company dedicated to ecologically sound methods and biodynamic farming principles. During 2007 I completed a year long apprenticeship in biodynamic farming on the 13 acre farm located at Rudolf Steiner college. Jim offers consulting services to educational organizations, farms,design firms, and individuals in the areas of land stewardship and therapeutic education.

Hi Everyone-

I am Chris Beltz. I am a PhD student at Yale University and my research interests are focused on agricultural and managed systems in the western US. I utilize public land (thank you USDA-ARS!) and open data from multiple sources. Over the past couple years, I have developed a significant focus on reproducibility, data standards, and open data/data-sharing. I am very interested to learn from other GOAT attendees, as well as contribute where I can!

I’ll be coming from the Boston area and would be happy to carpool. Message me here or on Twitter (@BeltzEcology).

Hey folks,

I’m Matt and we run an IoT consultancy/service provider with a focus on the rural environments.
I’m based in the UK (Monmouth, Wales), but we currently have customers in Australia, so I’ve decided to be cheeky and claim that we’re “global”! :smiley:

I’ve been involved in Open Source stuff for a little over 20 years now, and our entire infrastructure is based on Open Source software.

We’re starting to talk to the folks over at FarmOS about how we can integrate LoRaWAN-based sensors with their project, and hope to have a prototype up and running very soon, however my background is about as far removed from Agriculture as you can get (apart from spending summer holidays on farms around the UK as a child!), so I’m here more to learn about what you’re all up to and whether there is a way we can support you, rather than to sell you a solution.



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Hey Matt - welcome! I’m excited to learn more about what you all do and how your product(s) work - it feels like your filling some important roles in the open ag ecosystem.

You or someone from your org should try to joint at GOAT event one of these days (I know it’s a haul), but I do think it’d be great to meet you and see how things work. Perhaps @dornawcox or @dbuckmas this may be another good person to do a talk? I dunno who’s on the schedule but I’d be curious anyway.


At the moment, it’s just two of us - I do the tech and my co-founder does the important stuff like making sure we get paid etc. - but I’d love to make one of the meetups and I’m working out if I can do the UK one in Reading later this year.

FWIW, we released the code for testing this morning, and we’ll be writing up a blog-post on it shortly, but you can see screenshots of the results at and the code is Open Source at

Making it to a US conference is going to be hard due to the cost of flights etc, but if we can tie it in with a customer paying for the trip… :wink:

Finally, is the work that we’ve been doing in Aus - always happy to answer questions about any of it, and as a final cheeky request, if anyone is able to fill out the survey we’re currently doing around IoT and Farming that would be great! is the URL for that one - I’ll go back to listening, lurking, and learning now! :smiley:

Just a lil’ole highly unconventional beat up W. TN Truthseeker steady looking for a better way. Anybody interested can go to links below.
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Gm grey, how are you, when will GOAT 2020 application be launched?

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Really glad to have found you all and are hoping we might have something to contribute.

Briefly, we are a team of three research scholars, two programmers (one high tech and the other low tech and mechanical) and me. Paul Miesing is a 40 year scholar from UAlbany’s School of Business and founder of the Center for Advancement & Understanding of Social Enterprise. Luis Luna-Reyes is faculty from UAlbany’s Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy and fellow at the Center for Technology in Government. Jason Evans is an agricultural economist at SUNY Cobleskill and directs the Institute for Rural Vitality. Hans Soderquist and Jason Caprio are from my firm, Sayre Policy Research, and respectively, bring coding and programming expertise, and equipment and tool design experience to our team. And I am a PhD, an expert in simulation modelling, and manager of our team.

In the past two years we have begun a number of research projects, focused primarily around the general question of what success means for a regional foodshed. We are currently conducting data overviews of our region, beginning a survey project based on the business model canvas, and have developed a simulation model. Our team’s work has attempted (not always successfully) to bridge the gap between academic and rural communities, and between the public and private sectors. One specific upcoming project, for example, examines the degree to which underutilized space in rural villages could be used to manufacture low-cost tech for the small to medium sized agricultural producer.

We found you all via the MIT D-lab work on the IoT for small shareholder agriculture, which we think offers a lot of insights to our own upstate New York region. And we were excited to see that you are hosting a conference in June, but thought we might reach out through this forum first. Are we the kinds of folks you are looking for? Does the work we are doing intersect enough with the work the GOATech community is undertaking for us to ask to join you?

Many thanks,

April M Roggio
Sayre Policy Research
Medusa, NY


Sounds like a great fit to me! We have a lot of types of software in the community, and not just farmers and farm management systems. Agriculture is a big bucket, and part of the goal of GOAT is to find new and unique connections.

So I’d say sign on up :slight_smile:

Hi all! short intro from the Netherlands :netherlands: :cheese: :potato: :tractor:
My name is Anne Bruinsma, I am one of the founders of FarmHackNL.

We want to igniting data- and tech-driven open collaborations between tech entrepreneurs, farmers and domain experts. We wrangle data, build APIs and prototypes, host hackathons with one goal in mind: better tech for farmers. This means we have been all over the place, working with ag businesses, universities, and now even a huge European multi annual program. But we are happiest and at our best, when we are at the farm!

We have been a huge (but distant) fan of for a long time. More closely we have been in contact with Purdue, the OATS center. An amazing team, with the likes of people as @dbuckmas and @aultac, who have given us a lot of support over the years. Whether it is guiding one of our teams in our very own Dutch ISOBlue adventure, or even coming over and joining one of our hackathons (although Aaron, I must say, also winning it was kinda overdoing it :wink: )


All things Open Source are (finally!!) gaining momentum here in the Netherlands. Very keen to connect to the overseas dynamics, perhaps even joining one of the upcoming events. I’ll be sure to follow & contribute to the discussions here in the forum.

Nice to meet you all, all the best! Anne


Hi @AnneFarmHack, great to see more interest coming from the EU! In preparation for GOAT2020, we’ve been talking about how it would be nice to expand to eventually do GOAT events outside North America. I look forward to hearing more about what you’re working on on that side of the pond!

Hello, my name is Austin Erdman.

I am a student in my junior year at Purdue University in the department of Ag & Bio Engineering studying Agricultural Systems Management with a concentration in Data & Information systems. I am new to this field but am looking forward to learning a lot and contributing as much as I can!



Hi GOATech! So thrilled to have found this fantastic community. I’m Vince from Boulder, CO and I run an open ag company called Grownetics ( We’ve built an open source smart farm OS and have been using it to run large indoor and CEA farming operations for several years now.


Hi I’m David Taylor

I am a Junior at Purdue University dual majoring with Agricultural Systems Management and Agricultural Economics. Through ASM I am concentrating in Data & Information systems to broaden my opportunities. I am new to the Data Science area, with little experience in R and C#. I am looking to use this platform to keep up with the new and always changing technologies and will contribute as much as I can. Always looking for my next opportunity to be unique!



Hello GOATech,

I am Amol Patil, Founder of Extend Future. I am passionate about building intelligent experiences and solve complex business problems with innovative solutions.

Excited to be part of this amazing community ! Looking forward to connect with you all.



Hi. My name is Miguel Novik, I was born in Chile but 5 years with my family we come to live in Israel.
I studied Economic and Business and for 20 years I worked in Big corporations and also in small companies.
I been working in concepts like ¨blind competition¨ and ways to ¨make visible the invisible hand of the market¨.
My intention here is to help developing a new kind of
The main idea is that we have to make clear and transparent the added value that we generate, nobody should work for free, each contribution should be registered and we also make totally transparent the way that we get revenues and pay back the contributions.



My name is Will van Twuijver and I am a designer from the Netherlands with a background in collaborative design. For the past 3 years I have been working on small-scale ecological farms and currently I am enrolled in a two year part-time course in biodynamic farming.

I think GOAT and also farmhack are very interesting platforms to combine my interests in codesign and farming. In particular I would like to design farms tools that make participation in DIY activities more accessible by developing designs that:

  • enable small-scale production (e.g. hand tools/muscle powered)
  • can be build with relatively simple tools and skills
  • can be repaired and customized by the user
  • consider the environmental impact of the manufacturing process and use
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