Network Governance and Funding Public Goods

This is going to be a forum in which we convene conversations about how OpenTEAM governs key elements of the public goods, utilities, and other open source tools being created. As per an ongoing work agreement with the Secretariate I will be stewarding this conversation for the next few months. Here is what we intend to address:

Engagement with each working group about governance “what needs to be governed by whom, and how? Creation of a report back to the community.

Exploration with key stakeholders (Our-Sci, FarmOS, FIeld Methodology Group, CFA) around Digital Cooperative based governance of shared infrastructure (Data Schemas, Methodology Registries, Data Commons Etc)

Engagement with Open Team around Platform cooperative and blockchain based digital governance and public goods funding systems in a monthly presentation in an “in depth” style followed by Q and A. (Matching)

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I am working on creating a series of engaging indepths with innovators and leaders in the fields of network governance and the funding of public goods including presenting about quadratic funding, comakery, presenting on open source collaboration communities, and sourcecred, presenting on quantification and valuation of community participation in public projects. I also intend to get folks working on cooperative online governance of pen source projects to engage. Please comment here if there are any other particularly interesting projects in the web3.0 space you might want to hear from!

I’d like an outcome of this work to be a fleshed out overview of HOW TO CREATE AN IN DEPTH from an affiliated team outside of the “usual suspects” of the openteam community. IN addition to the HOW, I am interested in formalizing the publishing platform for this amazing content so we can create somewhat of a community hub and forum for exciting open source projects to meet and interact.