Promotion group Farm Hack Reading 2019


This is a space to organise the work of the event promotion group


Meeting notes from April 13th 2019

Promotion group covers - Ticket sales
- Advertising
- Web presence

By 27th April we need to have …

  • Had a look at ticketing software
  • look at setting up a farmhack email for ticketing enquiries (which host??)
    -Need to know a ticket price ( depends on funding group doing some sums)
  • Need to figure out which bank account money goes to from ticket sales ( More input from finance and site group needed)
    -Need to start gathering site info for web presence page - map, transport links, FAQ’s etc

Also need to know whats on the programme for advertising event

The grand plan is to have ticket sales going live on 15th May and advertising will start then too.

Places to advertise
-Land Workers Alliance regional groups ( south east and midlands)
-Facebook, Farmhack uk, uk organic market gardners etc
-London food growing network
-CSA network
-Farmhack network

Farm Hack Thames Valley 2019 organising hub

It seems like it would be good to have a single inbox, and also the capability to forward emails on to peoples personal emails, so they don’t have to remember to check another account.

I’ve used for similar tasks in the past.

We could do it on there? So whatever group of people agree to answer the emails all share a login and send replies from the Zoho web interface. If they want emails forwarded to their personal accounts then that’s an option too

It’s not FOSS, but reliable and at least not Google?


The company my brother used to work for used Zoho and found their services to be often unreliable. I recently heard someone else complaining about them too.

We used for the last Soilhack & had no problems with them.


Hey there,
One thing I’m thinking, which isnt include, is to come up with a budget for this work. I guess this could potentially be some wages, for whoever (could be more than one person) is going to deal with bookings and enquiries, both before, during and possibly after the event.

Can end being a lot of work, and stressful, especially if things dont go smoothly. This could be shared, but needs someone (or some people) comitted to ensuring its done well and on time.

I’d rather not be doing this work, but could get involved if whoever takes it on finds they need some help.

As all of us who’ve so far participated in this topic on the forum are set to be doing builds during the event, we may need to bring someone (paid) in from outside to ensure that this work gets covered during the event.

We have only got a couple of days to finalize a draft budget to get a grant application in to the fund we have been talking about, so ideally we need to move on this quickly, any thoughts?


OK Mailio doesn’t have forwarding though.

Shall I just set it up anyway?


I have created an event on facebook. Those of you on there could you circulate to interested groups/ people


I have set up an account already its
I am happy to check it and give out the password for others who want to check it