Weekly management form


Hi Dan!

I’ve completed my planting forms and can see the plantings listed on FarmOS. When I go to start filling out the weekly management form on the app it tells me “No FarmOS configuration available” when I start to type the name of the planting I’m looking for.

Can you let me know what I’m doing wrong?!



Rachel, can you check in your profile page and see if your FarmOS page is connected? To do this follow the instructions at the bottom of this page:https://our-sci.gitlab.io/documentation/#/Connecting-FarmOS-to-the-RFC-Collect-App

If you see your FarmOS account listed, click on the refresh button to see if that solves your problem.

If you do not see your FarmOS account listed, 1st check that you are logged in using the emial address that was used to connect your FarmOS account to the RFC Collect App. If you are still having trouble, I will call you and we can work it out.