2024.02.21 Monthly Community Call

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[09:00] Juliet (she/her): Today’s Agenda: 2024.02.21 Monthly Community Call
[09:04] Juliet (she/her): Fiscal Sponsor Update from @gbathree
Western GOAT update from @paul121 and @AmberS
PASA Report out @gbathree @mstenta @vicsf
GOAT Community Organizer Hiring update by @julietnpn
last topic so that any present applicants can excuse themselves
Request 30 minutes
[09:04] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: :wave::wave:
[09:05] Juliet (she/her): If you’re new(ish) please introduce yourself!
[09:05] Juliet (she/her): In the chat :slight_smile:
[09:07] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: yes debrief totes +1
[09:08] Liz: Yes I am brand new! I am the new Farm Hack Fellow.
[09:08] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: Hi Liz!
[09:09] Johnny: I’m not new, but been a while checking in.
[09:09] kita: WOOHOO WestGOAT!
[09:09] Juliet (she/her): GOAT BOOTH
[09:09] kita: Welcome Liz! Hi again Johnny!
[09:09] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: Wooo Panel is going to be so amazing
[09:10] Juliet (she/her): Hi Liz! Nice to meet you! Anything youw ant to learn about today?
[09:10] kita: +1 Laurie - this sounds like an incredible panel :slight_smile:
[09:10] Juliet (she/her): +1 to Hi again Johnny :slight_smile:
[09:10] Jasmie: have there been discussion about documentation GOAT stuff, like how the community organizer will get onboarded, but also for others who want to know stuff, like that stuff Greg explained 5 min ago?
[09:10] river: New(ish)! good mornig everyone! I’m river, i’ve attended the last couple of meetings, happy wednesday >^_^>
[09:11] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: Hour of happiness!
[09:12] Jasmie: hi Liz! so glad Farm Hack is back!!! hi river!
[09:12] Liz: So far I am interested in getting up to speed with what GOAT is working on right now.
[09:12] river: hi jasmie!!
[09:14] Vic Spindler-Fox: GOAT Booth at the Pasa Conference Feb 8-10 2024 - #4 by gbathree
[09:14] Juliet (she/her): lolol
[09:15] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: doo dee doo OFN!!
[09:16] Vic Spindler-Fox: Greg out here just handing out Amber’s business card lol
[09:17] kita: Does westgoat need more materials? e.g. zines and other stuff greg mentioned in the forum post?
[09:18] Liz: What types of zines are in distribution? Are there online copies I can check out?
[09:18] Vic Spindler-Fox: Greg mentioned it would be nice to get something about Hylo for the booths too
[09:18] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: We have stacks of cute OFN biz cards which are new - one stack for East and one stack for West
[09:19] Liz: I’ve been thinking about coming up with some farm hack zines, and have some ideas, but haven’t done any development yet or know specifically the topics I’d want to initially focus on.
[09:20] kita: @liz i’m into zines so i’d love to figure out how to cotnribute/collab
[09:21] Liz: Awesome I’d love that
[09:22] Vic Spindler-Fox: I’m also into zine making & would be interested in supporting!!
[09:22] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: Research Connector
[09:22] river: @liz @kita, if you need an illustrator… would love to contribute some doodles to zines
[09:23] Jasmie: ICommunityHealthConnectorManagerCoordinator
[09:23] Sienna Zuco: Speaking to Action on the other side in terms of TAP outreach for connecting to farmers _ we are still working on internally the best way to manage handoffs and collaborations in farmers/orgs interested in both more regen ag implementation side and the tech review side. But! i think incorporating contact infor/information for folks on our Markets team (Karna, Sunni, and Molly) might be good!
[09:24] Sienna Zuco: and then those individuals can flag their interest in the more tech specific stuff in those intro emails/conmversations
[09:24] Juliet (she/her): I can speak to River’s skill…
[09:24] Juliet (she/her): amazing
[09:24] Liz: How can we work with SARE to connect their research projects to more people who can use the results?
[09:25] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: SARE has a grant program called “Research to Grassroots” that might be perf
[09:25] kita: omg that sounds amazing Laurie
Liz: I’d love to explore that
[09:26] Jasmie: I want to know about Farm Hack!
[09:26] kita: ok, so maybe a research-practice connection forum threadl ol
[09:26] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: yes Kita that’s a fantastic idea
[09:27] Jasmie: good luck finding any Drupal devs here! (jk)
[09:28] Vic Spindler-Fox: sooo excited about that focus on documentation for replicability
[09:28] Paul W: this is so great!
[09:29] Jasmie: ditto! that is all so awesome
[09:29] Juliet (she/her): (Jasmie, I am sorry for misnaming you as Jasmine earlier. Sloppy reading. I realize my error.)
[09:30] Anna Lynton (openTEAM): Greg - Nat, Dorn, and I have connections with them!
[09:30] Jasmie: Farm Hack / GOAT / L’Atelier Paysan virtual hang some time? a la Jetsons meet the Flintstones?
[09:32] kita: I’d love to chat liz: ankita@purdue.edu to chat re: student interactions :slight_smile:
[09:32] Juliet (she/her): @liz, @jasmie you guys should also get on our forum if you’re not already! Love the participation you all are brining.
[09:32] Liz: @kita right now the best way to connect with me is my personal email elizabethbaumhoff@gmail.com
[09:34] Juliet (she/her): I see Liz’s post about farmhack: Rebooting farmhack - #2 by lizb
[09:34] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: Research → Practice connections category in GOAT Forum: Research <> Practice - GOATech
[09:36] Jasmie: I didn’t finish my reviews, is that still needed?
[09:36] Johnny: p.s. I am bringing a school group from RSDI up to the Greenhorn’s hub-- Liz, you met with my conspirator Megan. Good to see you here!
[09:37] Jasmie: thank you!
[09:37] Juliet (she/her): 1. Determining Interviews
2. Review Score Card Interview
3. Interview process

[09:41] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: totes
[09:41] Jasmie: how awful would it be to do some kind of group interview w/ multiple GOATs and multiple applicants as a 1st round?
[09:41] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: multiple applicants would be hellish for the applicants (at least)
[09:42] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: *multiple applicants at the same time
[09:42] Jasmie: yeaaaa, that’s kinda what I thought, retract that
[09:42] Jasmie: cage match!
[09:42] Michael DeChellis: Many GOATs enter, one GOAT leaves
[09:42] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: no it wouldn;'t be fun for us! We are not monsters!
[09:43] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: +1
[09:44] Vic Spindler-Fox: I was kind of astonished at how experienced this candidate pool is? I think any of them could be great and most of them could be excellent
[09:44] Juliet (she/her): agreed vic
[09:44] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: yes Vic
[09:44] Juliet (she/her): it felt like nit picking to put one over another
[09:44] Jasmie: ditto Vic
[09:44] Paul W: Sorry folks had to jump on my phone but listening. I was so impressed with the applicants. Focusing on someone who is best for planning the conference (most experience, etc) might be my suggestion to prioritize and dig into during interviews.
[09:45] Juliet (she/her): Next review this score card:

[09:45] Sienna Zuco: That’s helpful!
[09:47] Jasmie: I think some kind of accountability mechanism from our end, like rotate at least one person to be on-call for a given span of time (2 wks, 1mo, etc), or something very different, but to reinforce that structure
[09:47] Michael DeChellis: Writing down this onboarding process that is currently being co-created may be helpful!!
[09:47] Jasmie: like Kita said while I was typing
[09:48] Juliet (she/her): One point of feedback from Sienna on that document:
A lot of questions are focused on values rather than skillset - which is great! And all in all I really love how the questions are worded/the topics they cover. But I wonder if we should have a question in there regarding writing reports/grants since we included that under desired experience. Or other more skills focused Qs.
[09:50] Jasmie: would it be helpful to provide them to the applicant ahead of time?
[09:50] Jasmie: the questions, that is
[09:50] kita: I don’t think we can at this point since the interveiws have already begun
[09:50] Jasmie: yea, makes sense
[09:52] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: bringing people into the community would be a great side benefit
[09:52] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: yesssssssssss
[09:53] Michael DeChellis: YES!!!
[09:53] Jasmie: yea, that sounds awesome
[09:53] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: LOL we’re IRB exempt
[09:53] Vic Spindler-Fox: ok but agreed that follow-ups with candidates should include trying to get them into other jobs in the network, lol (OT is hiring rn…)
[09:54] Jasmie: yea, just a simple “Hey, want us to keep you updated on other opportunities?” right after “Sorry, you didn’t get this gig”
[09:54] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: or “will you be our best friend?”
[09:54] Jasmie: hhahaha
[09:56] Sienna Zuco: agreed, amber!
[09:57] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: and it would give applicants a taste of what to expect
[09:57] Jasmie: +1 for allowing open session for other interviewers
[09:58] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: and it’s respectful
[09:58] Jasmie: +10000000 for giving candidates a specific timeline
[09:58] kita: +1
[09:58] kita: million
[09:58] Sienna Zuco: I also want to flag something Greg referenced - I don’t think the scorecard itself should serve as the structure of the interview, but provides n easier way to identifiy the specific questions we want to ask and how to score answers against them.

It sounds like we should map that structure out more clearly (script, intros, when they’ll hear back, etc…) for the second round
[09:58] kita: bwahahaha
[09:58] Jasmie: when2meet to sign up to interview still the best way?
[09:59] Vic Spindler-Fox: WORKFLOW
[09:59] kita: and it sounds like we’re all agreed that we don’t interview / contact any yellows till we’re done with greens (ie all greens either say no or we say no to all greens)
[09:59] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: OMG Juliet you are so amazing
[09:59] Sienna Zuco: headed to the interview! thanks all!
[09:59] Jasmie: isn’t she tho?!?!?!
[09:59] kita: gluck!
[09:59] kita: she amaze <3
[09:59] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: + 1 zillion
[10:00] kita: BAJILLIAN
[10:00] Paul W: wooo! go goats go!
[10:00] Laurie Lio Von Pelt: infinity +1