COMET tools API Questions for OpenTeam, and API Features Request

Hi Everyone,

Can you help us improve the COMET Tools by answering the following questions:

  • What features would you like to access through the tools, and what features would you like in the API?
  • Is there a shared authentication method in development?
  • Are there good examples you can point to for dispersed partners to co-develop documentation for a shared resource?
  • The COMET-Farm API receives model run requests via a POST request, and sends results to an email address. How would you prefer to send and receive data? Can you suggest examples already in use?
  • How would you like to access a future COMET-Planner API? Would you use the entire dataset under a data sharing agreement, or would you send request to an API for individual county & conservation practice data requests?
  • How will you be licensing use of your own APIs within and outside of OpenTeam?

Thank you!