GOAT 2022 Introductions


  1. I’m Ankita (she/her) and I’m one of the GOAT community organizers.
  2. I’m an asst. prof @ Purdue University where I direct the Agricultural Informatics Lab.
  3. I do design research in the context of food and ag. We engage with different communities of practice to co-design tools to improve resilience in food and ag systems.
  4. Design methods, open projects, funding ideas, and lots of good vibes :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Power to the people to build more responsible food systems.

thanks :slight_smile: and cool! yes - looking forward to it!

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It was so great to meet you on Wednesday. (Reminder-- I’m the guy who did undergrad in anthro which I loved… but instead fell into the most sedentary of all professions: farming.)
I said that I would send you a couple of articles I wrote about my volunteerism with USAID’s Farmer to Farmer program.
In Guyana:

and from my first project in Ethiopia:

I also did an article for Taproot magazine which I’ve contributed to a number of times. But the best I can say is… “travel writing” nothing approaching that higher calling of published anthropology.
You may also recall that I am writing a response to the conference. I’m not sure where that might appear but I wonder if you might have any constructive criticism when I am further along with a first draft???
I might throw some ideas out there to get feedback on…
And I’m really interested in your own work. Please keep me in mind if you want to bounce any ideas off a tech-curious Northeast US farmer!
keep in touch

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Hi John,
Thanks for reaching out! So great to meet you as well. Absolutely - happy to read a draft/share feedback on the conference reflection. Best way to reach me is at kr41@rice.edu.

And yes! I would very much love to continue the convo about all things ag and tech and anth.

Thanks for sharing these articles. Sadly I came down with covid, so I’m looking forward to reading these as soon as my brain starts functioning again :upside_down_face: Hope you’re staying healthy and taking care.


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