Goat 2022, late may, at Omega (?) feedback

Hi all, we reached out to the folks at Omega and they have a time slot in May which may be a good fit.

Here is the email back from Lauren our contact there.

@clevinson @dcox @sudokita @jgaehring @mstenta and many other folks who we should just email honestly… How’s this sound? Feedback, ideas, etc?

Sorry I know we’re all busy but I’d love to see if this could work.

Okay I have some tentative information to share. We are looking at the week of May 22 - May 27, 2022 for you guys. This will put us in the week before our formal opening for Pema Chödrön, May 27-29.

We won’t be able to use mainhall this time, but we can utilize Stillwater and the OCSL building which is part classroom and part living building / eco-machine. The OCSL has an outdoor covered patio as well as an indoor classroom, so we could potentially use that as 2 break out areas.

Let me know you thoughts on these dates and I’ll be able to circle back with a confirmation in early January.

And then we can get to planning!

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I would probably make it those dates, but I don’t know how much energy I could give to its organization just yet. I would love to explore smaller remote events though, either in lead up to an in-person event or separately.

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I feel that…

I think perhaps the organizing team from last year is a bit low on time and energy… but I think the opportunity is there… perhaps there’s a new generation of folks who are interested in helping make this work? @sudokita @jgaehring @victoriacox @mstenta … is there anything else who may be willing / interested in organizing? Any places to post this? Perhaps to twitter?

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Hear ye, hear ye! Yah that’s you GOATs, and both acronyms apply:

  • We’re looking at an in-person early October GOAT Conference.
  • We’re looking at mini conferences in the months and days leading up to it
  • We’re looking at a revived GOAT community, with fancy governance, vibrant information exchange, quantum-leap thinking, and virtual cookouts coming out of these gatherings.

What’s missing? Yah, you! The human reading this post! Reply here if you’re willing to attend, help organize, or write a check. If you don’t remember to reply, don’t worry - we will probably come find you. At the very least, set your alarm clock for October. :hourglass_flowing_sand: