GOSH skinned discourse, and I love it... what do you think?

Hey all esp. @jgaehring @sudokita @dornawcox

GOSH folks just worked with Pavillion (a group that customized discourse and works with communities).

Their updated forum (staging, not complete) is here: https://forum-staging.openhardware.science/

Personally I really like this - it better encapsulates the original intent of the GOAT forum, which was to give space to GOAT projects for shared discussion, so we could have more serendipity in discussion and knowing.

What do you all think? Should I reach out to them and see if this is something we could also use?


It’s so purty! :heart_eyes:

Do you know are they customizing the Discourse site itself, or rolling a custom site and embedding the forum in that?

I believe they are customizing discourse itself… plug-iny stuff I think but am not sure.

Yeah, I thought so too. They are also all about open source, so it’s very possible we can just plug in the work they’ve done (maybe)… would be cool to reach out and see.

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I’m going to reach out to them to see if they’d be willing to update ours accordingly… Obviously won’t do it, but I’d like to get a quite or idea. I’ll bring it back to the group -->

So nice!

One thing to note: we had discussed moving hosting to discourse itself, so we’d likely need to figure out integration there :slight_smile:


I think it does look quite nice.

Building on Ankita’s thing to note: What is the long term maintenance expectations of such a customization? Does Pavillion also handle that? Whats the $$ involved? Just some things to also find out. :slight_smile:

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