Interesting voting discussion, curious for thoughts

@Gregory @dornawcox I’m curious to get your thoughts.

GOSH (Gathering for Open Science Hardware, is setting up their governance structure, and it’s been a really interesting and I think productive experience.

There’s been a long discussion about voting, and different methods.

Long thread but interesting:

The two discussed are:

Hey @gbathree, resurrection this thread because there is an ongoing conversation about quadratic voting in the OFN community. Math people really love it, but I am still waiting around for a simple, hands-on tool to experience it. Love’s security approach! It’s so important and sometimes hard to make sure everyone’s voices get heard.

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Cool - well for more you should talk to Pen, he’s the one who really took up the cause. He’s now on the GOSH governance board also, so they’ll be continuing to work on it. Here’s some info on him, you can DM him via GOSH discourse -->