Lab Manager at Our Sci / Bionutrient Food Association

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About the work
We (Our Sci and the Bionutrient Food Association are seeking a lab manager to run a soil and food testing lab for the Real Food Campaign ( The lab measures soil and food samples from across the Midwest and Northeast to determine 1) the variation of nutritional density in our fresh produce supply and 2) how that variation relates to soil health and farm practice. In addition, Our Sci is committed to open data and open source technology development in all our work, and we are involved in other like-minded projects like GOSH (, GOAT (, and Yale’s Quick Carbon project ( among others.

The opportunity
We are a startup that engages in a very diverse set of work, from food and soil testing in the lab, to designing/building/scaling handheld devices (colorimeter, soil respiration sensor, etc.), to web development. You will be responsible for the lab, primarily running samples but also improving the process, identifying new methods, and communicating with the community and the development team. As such, you will be part of a broad network of organizations who are passionate and identifying the connections between food, soil and human health.

The work will vary - during the summer, you will be running a lot of samples. During the winter, you will developing new methods, improving processes, working with the community and with Our Sci devs to improve the software platform or test new equipment.

We are a small company, which means our future is flexible. If you are persistent, hard working and creative, you will help define it with us!

The work
Process samples as they are received in the lab for antioxidants, polyphenols, proteins, and minerals using handheld XRF in food, as well as soil respiration and total organic carbon in soils.
Identify ways to improve the lab process and allow us to increase our sample intake rate.
Find and refine processes to measure new foods.
Coordinating with others in the lab to support the full sample load.

What you bring
Experienced in lab work, ideally nutritional or ag lab work, either in other labs or in current or past schooling.
Careful but fast, capable of processing large numbers of samples with minimal errors.
Can handle full days of tedious work, thoughtful work, and creative work (all will happen)
Interest in identifying not only process problems, but suggesting clever solutions
Able to balance many tasks - getting 2 or 3 things done at once is the norm :slight_smile:
Genuine interest in food quality, soil quality, and their impacts on communities.

Employment details
Full time, 6 months minimum. $18 - $20/hr, depending on experience.

Desired Starting Date - Sept 21, 2018.
TO APPLY, send a resume and cover letter to, or call 919 545 1083.