Mbed IoT Platform

Has anyone seen this? @mdc @mstenta @dornawcox @donblair

I’m pretty impressed at the broad concept, seems like it’s very integrated from the chip to the cloud. The Mbed OS part is open source at least.

Any thoughts?

I thought I responded to this back when you sent it. I have never been quite sure where Mbed fits into the picture. I think basically there are 2 big “IoT” ish use cases. One is more DIY/ad-hock stuff using off the shelf Arduino and raspberry Pi stuff. The other is large scale/commercial applications that are using more of an end to end IoT specific ecosystem. Mbed does seem to be getting popular but I think FreeRTOS if the bigest one. Not sure if Android Things ever went anywhere.

I found Mbed nice for getting up on a new ARM system, but not sure how much traction it’s gaining in commercial IoT. There’s also Ubuntu Core (Snappy) gaining traction - I like it for it’s baked in security and roll back but also helps you can do a fair bit of dev on desktop Ubuntu - some of the namebrand snaps available listed here

1 limit/difficulty I’m not wild about is their use of Ubuntu SSO

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