Python to javascript, anybody used it?

Hey guys (ccing @mdc) , we (our sci) have a scripting system for data from people/sensors/apis which uses javascript (see for our best effort but always out of date explanation).

Anywho, javascript is flexible and works anywhere and surprisingly capable even on tough analysis jobs, but not perfect, and also not pretty for people new to scripting / programming.

So we’re looking into compilers from other languages to engage a wider audience.

Have you used any of the following? If so, any thoughts / feedback / experiences / limitations / etc.?

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No expert here, but I saw you were left hanging here. Does it need to be Python-to-JavaScript?

I know there are a lot of “Compile-to-JavaScript” languages cropping up these days, though I don’t know of Py-2-JS specifically. ClojureScript, Kotlin (Java-like), Reason (OCaml-like) seem to be very popular, among those that mimic more established languages. Would Dart or CoffeeScript meet your criteria? Apparently there are at least 18 Python-to-Javascript compilers out there, but I was oblivious to that fact before Googling.

I don’t know about which option would be best, @mdc what do you think? Our goal is to give people an easier way to write scripts than just javascript, especially when it comes to data manipulation (PANDAS library in python is better for this (though frankly still shit) than anything javascript has itself. We’ll have to fish through these and see which is best for the specific set of features we’d expect our coders would want.

Thanks for the follow up!

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