Regenerative Farm Observatory (RFO)

A suite of tools and practices that provide quantitative feedback to farmers, researchers and the general public. Includes intersections with FarmOS and Farm Internet of Things (FIOT) and will reference tools posted to Farm Hack.

Don Blair and I started work on some grovepi FIOT use cases while at the Artisan’s Asylum. Exploration included working with scratch type interfaces for GPIO and sensor configuration and limitations with the existing libraries.

A Farm Hack tool for one of the many uses cases was started to begin documenting the process - here

Stay tuned for a the Github repository and dedicated project page. I expect we will also set up riot room for chat around the underlying architecture and interface design.

Just started another farm hack tool to capture the entire suite of use cases based on the basic hardware/software architecture.

Just an outline and we can add to it as part of our documentation process.