Related Conferences for Cross Pollination

There are many conferences that will have overlap with our community and where we should actively work to have a presence and create new intersections. This topic is to discuss and plan.

The FAO Scaling agroecology conference in Rome in April will be a highly relevant event. I plan on participating and have made suggestions for other invitees.

More information here:
and here:

Registration should begin starting next week.

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@donblair and I were just discussing conferences as well, but from the tech side of things.

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If there are links to organizers of those conferences, or folks who you think would have lots of relevant connections, don’t forget to add them to the invitee list!

A couple more -

and - not so tech focused, but it is an excellent forum to present the intersection between land restoration and open tech.

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This is a talk from the last things network conference of a project using sensors and lora RF to monitor & manage vineyards in southern california.

World Ag Expo, February, California

Circle of Hope, NYC July, Hacker Conf

The Stone Barn Winter young farmer conference has some workshops slow tools.

SCALE Pasadena, CA
I’ve been to this linux conference twice. It’s the biggest in in the US. There is quite a bit of hardware folks tabling but the conference is mainly geared towards devops and the like.

Echo ag conf, Florida, November

This conference is gear towards development workers and ag missionary works. They have tons of appropriate technology information there.

Oishare, Barcelona, November

Platform Cooperative Conference, NY, November

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