Team Activities: Co-Designing Open Source Tech for Resilient Food & Farming Systems

Hiya! I’m getting the party started on behalf of the Agricultural Informatics Lab (@julietnpn, Jillian, Steven, Megan et al). You can learn more about our work from our website, but in short, we do informatics research and participatory design of open source technologies to improve resilience in food and farming systems.

Activities in Brief

  1. !WYSIWYG Software: To foster conversation on user challenges AKA human-computer interaction in open ag tech via a discussion session.
  2. Eating Open Source: To invite critical feedback on a handbook that we are developing to support developers of open ag technologies via a 2-hour focus group.
  3. Design Workshop: To provide user-centered and ecologically-oriented design support for participants at GOAT via short design sessions as requested by others. Alternatively, we can conduct this in the form of a training session depending on need and interest.
  4. Plant Data Service: To facilitate data interoperability discussions around commonly desired plant data. We’ll bring a demo of our API and data model for discussion.
  5. Being Human, Together: I wanted to explore thinking about what do we need for us to exist as a society that is part of a greater ecology, and then work towards answering the question of “what ag tech do we even need” from first principles.

More info on each of these proposed activities coming soooooon!