What are GOATs doing lately?

Hi all, just wanted to follow up on the things that have happened since the conference. A lot of the organizers have had to spend time on their real jobs, since they were neglected in all the conference organizing :slight_smile: But things are moving!

So here’s what we’ve seen -->

What’s happened since GOAT?

  • One-day GOAT session will happen at BFA Dec 2018.
  • @barbieri submitted poster for conference (research data alliance)
  • @dornawcox + others submitted GOAT article
  • @sudokita + others creating poster for FAO conference + research data alliance
    ** Also produced poster / writeup to share with GOATs who want to present elsewhere can use (articles, posters, etc.)
  • Convert GOAT Report to usable text for others presentations/posters/etc.
  • @dbuckmas starts monthly ag tech sharing calls (starts in July)
  • Discussions on Africa collaborations w/ Dairo from Lagos State.
  • Noble (Mike Kompf) started discussions to host the next conference (TBD of course)!
  • Interoperability group has met twice and will be scheduling the next meeting.
  • Conversations happening linking GODAN and GOAT.

What have you been doing since the conference? Post below if you want!

I’m making the mapping the goat scape module for the modular goat poster - if you want your or your tool’s information included, please add it to the spreadsheet: