Podcast on Farmer/Rancher Building Open Source AgTech Software

Hi! I I’m new here…

I have a weekly podcast about ag innovation. This year I’m looking to cover some stories of open source agtech software. Ideally, something along the lines of a farmer/rancher who is leading the creation of an open source technology that is solving a real problem for others like you/them.

Any suggestions for leads? It was suggested for me to tag @dornawcox @mstenta on here as well!

My ideal format is to interview both the creator of the software and another producer that is benefitting from it and/or contributing to its evolution.

Thanks for any suggestions you could provide!


Hi @timhammerich, welcome to GOAT!

I’d be happy to talk about the development of farmOS (https://farmOS.org), and I can ask a few producers I know who are using it if they are interested in joining. If you want to set something up you can DM me here or on Twitter (@getFarmier).

I would also suggest talking to @dornawcox @gbathree @ROSAgriculture @sudokita @aultac - there are a bunch of folks doing really cool stuff in this space right now! Those are just some on this forum. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Just sent you a DM via Twitter.

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Actually, I can think of 3 people:

Aaron Ault - @aultac
Carl Lippert - @carllippert
and actually the founder of several open source startups as well, I can think of the folks at Ekyelibre from france who you could contact -

I’ll try to post more as I think of them -


Like most I’m basically a net consumer of open source at the moment! But i want to give a shoutout to @timhammerich in case you aren’t familiar with him. He’s a great community builder and communicator and the goatech community should definetly do what they can to help him find some exciting guests!

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