Shared ontology lists - post your list!

@sudokita @clevinson @mark.easter @jherrick met today regarding the many lists our services maintain (crops, cover crop names, varieties, tillage types, etc. etc.) and how we can move towards common ontologies / lists. ’

Full Work Description:

  • STEP 1 - Know what we have! - If you are a tech or data service which has farm-related lists (crops, varieties, taxonomies, model input categories, etc.), please add information to this list:

I’m thinking @mstenta, @ircwaves perhaps also @plawrence for CFT, maybe litefarm (not sure who to point to there @dornawcox can you help?). It’s possible we can’t accommodate all use cases in round 1, but knowing what’s out there is helpful.

  • STEP 2 - Know what we want! - If you don’t have ontologies or lists but want to use them, please respond below with your thoughts, wants, needs and ideas.

  • STEP 3 - Identify a flexible data model that works for these cases! - Kita will review the information, and begin suggestions on data models that can accommodate the needs and address the complexities. We may not integrate everything, but we’ll do what makes most sense and adds most value.

We’ll be working based on this initial round of work on doing the (many many more hours of) work required to make comparable (cross reference, merge, etc.).

Next meeting will be on the GOAT calendar and we’ll post to RIOT and related channels.