2023.01.18 9am PT Community Calls - Third Wednesday Each Month

Date: January 18, 2022
Time: 9am-10am PT (12pm-1pm ET)
Topic: Community Call
Who should come? Everybody.
Time expectations: 1 hour
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room .
Calendar: Calendar – GOAT


  • Round table updates


  • @laurieWayne : she is in Santa Rosa enroute to Monterey for EcoFarm 2022. Open Food Network is sharing a demo stall with OurSci repped by Amber and FarmOS repped by Paul. Additionally, they’re repping GOAT, providing some resources and swag (e.g., stickers and fliers).
  • Morgan: Sometimes contributor to FarmOS - he’s been testing tings hes integrated into FarmOS and has created a fake cloud that runs in docker that allows for testing those integrations. Could be a sandbox to allow other features to be built. GitHub - symbioquine/farm-faux-cloud: A minimal "fake cloud" of farmOS container instances for testing purposes
  • @sudokita : Lets start working on the GOAT manifesto again! If you’re interested DM her on Element or on the Forum post. OATSCON is happening on Feb 23-24. Come one, come all! Shefali is going to be there. :slight_smile:
  • Shefali: She also attending OATSCON and likes the con, been there before. She’s trying to keep up to speed on FARR Soil Health and OpenTEAM. She’s got an interest in AI and Ethics, data rights and democracy, she ran into a professor on a hike and they informed her about a conference on the topic. If you see anything at this intersection (data, AI, and Ag), please send her way and if you’re interested in exploring the topic together.
  • New GOAT SHIRTS, free for 2022 attendees, available for order for other after Jan 22, 2023. https://worxprinting.coop/
  • @jgaehring : been out of the loop for a bit. been tinkering away at little projects. :slight_smile:
  • @sezuco : Worked with Rachel to create marketing materials, these will be featured first at Eco Farm. Collaborative. Ankita is wondering what is the dissemination of the raw artifacts. GOAT digital assets are in GOAT Eternal drive, physical materials would need to be passed around.
    • How do we contribute new materials? Like the Methods Zine? Kind of depends on if these are considered GOAT assets or assets belonging to another
    • What is the funding mechanism? Is there a kitty to contribute to? This is a hot potato right now.
  • @3wordchant (Calix): Met a few of us at 2019. Moved, started a tech co-op Autonomic Co-operative. Co-initiated Co-op cloud.
    • Some news: Cool Farm Alliance methodology description for the Cool Farm Tool is now freely available in the tool! CoolFarmTool.org, sign up for an account and get access to that documentation!
  • Forrist Lytehaause (@livingearth): from Planetary CARE, a global collaborative commons and regenerative cooperative. Worker-owner class. On the way to Costa Mesa for an investor meeting. Has been a GOAT lurker. :slight_smile: We might have a special lurker shirt. Would like to volunteer to support this amazing work. They’re mostly available for only conversational support, but hopefully can have more concrete support later in the year.
  • More on GOAT at other conferences: PASA, OATSCON, and ASABE are all events GOATS are going to.
    • We’re unsure if FarmOS or Our Sci are going to be tabling, Juliet to talk to Mike and Greg to determine if they are / can utilize GOAT conference box.
    • Ankita and Shefali are interested in getting a GOAT resource package to share out with people that can get on boarded, especially like the youth group at ASABE.
    • We can look at incorporating some of the information from the mapping the GOATscape efforts.
  • @chrowe : Server infrastructure stuff - Chris tried to follow the typical instructions for setting up SLL using certbot, which is the Letscencrypt SSL tool. He had to go about it differently for Discourse from the standard instructions. He documented his process in a readme on the server. If you want SSH access to the Digital Ocean space, hit up Chris Rowe.
    • There is generally a question about do we want to move to https://goatechorg.wordpress.com/ and discourse.com hosted goatech forum.
    • this is an issue of maintenance. We don’t currently have someone who can really maintain both of these services on DO.
    • Chris did a server update to Ubuntu 20.04 and to discourse.
    • Juliet and Ankita should have ssh keys so they can at least help others get access to it.
    • This will likely be a problem again in 4 years if we keep trying to manage, so lets just pull the plug and migrate to managed sites.