2023.09.20. Community Call Third Wednesday of Each Month @ 9 am Pacific Time

GOAT Monthly Community Call, 20 September 2023

Date: September 20, 2023
Time: 9am PT, 12pm ET
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room .
Calendar: Calendar – GOAT


  1. Opportunities with Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF): see post
  2. Open Source in Academia - notes from Greg
  3. GOAT 2024, including venue nomination form
  4. Conferences and Events at which GOATs may be interested in attending, presenting, or demoing!
  5. Community Needs Assessment
  6. Add your thing here!



  • @laurieWayne (completely in favor and enthusiastic and supportive of all topics, especially community development and compensated community management and in love with all GOATs, just slammed with a conflict at work) - looking forward to the notes and if you happen to make a recording, that.
  • Review of documents that folks made based on last call (thanks to @anna and @vicsf)
  • CAFF Small farm conference:
    • Would like to have a topic on open source because farmers don’t really know what it is, they think “free”
    • Budget for a western regional goat is going to be attached to the small farm tech expo in early March, date to be confirmed.
    • There are other small conferences happening at the same time… like Indiana small farms conference. Maybe we can template what the regional goats will do for 2024, and have a report out at big goat.
    • Room for a submitting a GOAT Hack to the Small Farm Innovation Challenge - Nov 15 deadline. It could be part of the small farm tech expo, something that happens before hand, and then have someone represent the outcomes at the expo. We can invite folks who submit to the innovation challenge to join the hackathon and mature their ideas.
    • Lets get a meeting/conversation with Elizabeth to connect GOAT with farmers and developers. Lets do a Nov 8 “introduction” at the Demo Day. Bring what we can, some variety, and then we can start to understand what makes most sense for engaging this community.
  • Lets spend sometime collectively planning community engagement… what small farmers distinctly and uniquely need? how are current tools falling short?
  • GOAT 2024:
    • Herding GOATS in 2024 - short proposal - Google Docs
    • Budget - Google Sheets
    • An organization is interested in funding GOAT 2024, but paperwork is not finalized.
    • We’d like to hire 2 people for main organizers, this would require significant community engagement.
    • Review budget and give feedback to Ankita. We can look at CAFF budgets for examples of actual costs of running similarly sized events.
    • Initially we were going to apply for the very very competitive “kickstart” fund, but fortunately this foundation is interested thus reducing the risk of spending time to submit a proposal that may not get accepted.
  • Growing GOAT:
    • we’ll still need to identify governance and long-term funding.

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[09:00] To invite someone to the meeting, send them this link: Gathering of the Herds: GOAT Meeting Space
[09:03] Amber: Opportunities with Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF): see post
Open Source in Academia - notes from Greg
GOAT 2024, including venue nomination form 2
Conferences and Events at which GOATs may be interested in attending, presenting, or demoing!
Community Needs Assessment
[09:03] Amber: Agenda^
[09:03] Juliet (she/her): 2023.09.20. Community Call Third Wednesday of Each Month @ 9 am Pacific Time
[09:06] Juliet (she/her): GOAT Potential Venues - Google Sheets
[09:08] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: Is budget a factor?
[09:09] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: I have ideas for Western regional GOAT! But larger venues to hold a lot of people can be expensive…Omega was pretty magical
[09:09] Ankita: Here’s my budget related to the announcement of potential funding: Budget - Google Sheets
[09:09] Juliet (she/her): GOAT Conferences list - Google Sheets
[09:10] Ankita: this list is amazing
[09:11] Juliet (she/her): https://fira-usa.com/
[09:12] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: hah “search up!”
[09:12] Juliet (she/her): Community Alliance with Family Farmers Upcoming Events
[09:13] Jamie (he/him): can’t remember the name of the conf that was in Costa Rica in May/June-ish, but that’s annual and we have friends there I think, if it’s not on the list
[09:15] Ankita: Might we organize a goat-hack to submit projects to the small farm innovation challenge?
[09:17] Jamie (he/him): RightsCon! that was the one in CR
[09:22] Ankita: this is the form: Software Application, 2023-24 Innovation Challenge
[09:22] Vic S-F (they/them): Right! Nat was there. Thanks for adding.
[09:23] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: Small Farm Innovation Challenge 2024
[09:27] Paul W: Previously we talked about having GOAT + CAFF calls to introduce our communities… maybe this could be a topic of one of those calls!
[09:27] Paul W: +1
[09:36] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: Thanks for sharing that Greg! Really helpful for me to hear how you all can see this rolling out…
[09:37] Vic S-F (they/them): +1
[09:38] Jamie (he/him): maybe offer a regular Tech Support Free Clinic for farmers if any GOATs would want to volunteer? (I would)
[09:38] Jamie (he/him): …as a means of outreach
[09:38] Juliet (she/her): This might be a good time for Amber to discuss her community needs assessment report.
[09:39] Ankita: I’ve offered free tech support but folks don’t turn up ebcuase they don’t think their tools/process is something that can be fixed by tech
[09:39] Amber: Vik hosts a weekly call, maybe that can be combined with Jamies idea?
[09:39] Ankita: *is something they think cannot be fixed by tech. my bad lol
[09:40] Vic S-F (they/them): Re: the process Nat has been developing for aggregating feedback, scoping & voting is documented a bit in this Hub meeting miro: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration
[09:41] Jamie (he/him): oh, Vic, is that in the GOAT calendar?
[09:41] Vic S-F (they/them): Important Links & Resources - OpenTEAM Hub Technical Resources
[09:42] Vic S-F (they/them): Yep just recently got added!
[09:42] Vic S-F (they/them): (thanks Juliet)
[09:42] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: Thank you everyone! This information and idea generation is really helpful
[09:42] Ankita: Herding GOATS in 2024 - short proposal - Google Docs
[09:42] Ankita: Budget - Google Sheets
[09:44] Jamie (he/him): <3 that, Vic, def gonna share that link w/ folks in SKywoman, there are semi-regular asks for support on their Discourse (spreadsheet help, software recommendations, etc)
[09:44] Vic S-F (they/them): Oh that would be awesome, thanks
[09:47] Anna Lynton (openTEAM): Whoo :smiley:
[09:47] Jamie (he/him): +1 Kita, sponsorship tiers tied to specific things like travel sponsorship is a good way to get mid-level $‘s for stuff like that
[09:49] Jamie (he/him): (like farmOS was able to sponsor one attendee last time out of our OpenCollective, based on community consensus)
[09:56] Juliet (she/her): Yea, like at least half of my work time for about six weeks was "free’ for GOAT, but not free for the people who pay me
[09:57] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: It may be because I’m use to CA numbers for our events but food budget seems too low. We use the GSA fed. rates for identifying how much money per person per day.
[09:59] Elizabeth Vaughan, CA: yeah the stipends for attendance are huge! And paid organizers/coordinators. Very much agree
[10:00] Jamie (he/him): +1000000 for whole people!! <3
[10:00] Ankita: I’m sorry for going long Greg!
[10:00] Paul W: This is great! Appreciate your wok on this Ankita!