2023.10.18 Community Call @ 9 am Pacific Time

GOAT Monthly Community Call, 18 October 2023

Hi folks, we have a community call the third Wednesday of each month.

Date: October 18, 2023
Time: 9am PT, 12pm ET
Meeting Link: Social Co-op GOAT Gatherings room .
Calendar: Calendar – GOAT


  1. Regenerate Conference
  2. CAFF Small Farms Production Tools Demo Day
  3. GOAT Box Flyer Status
  4. GOAT Community Organizer Job Description
  5. … Add your items here!


  • Adie P
  • Amber
  • Ankita
  • Calix
  • Greg
  • Jamie
  • Juliet
  • Paul W
  • Rosia
  • Sienna Zuco

Meeting Notes:

Regenerate conference - Amber can go but Our Sci can’t pay for all of it. Other org’s that want to contribute? Please reach out to Amber by EOD.

CAFF Small Farms Demo - Juliet and Paul are going, they have materials from many different org’s at this point. There will be a GOAT table that will be able to hand out those tools. They are meeting with a few groups (like Our Sci) to learn more about they can rep different org/products.

GOAT Box - where has it been? We walked through the spreadsheet and updated where the GOAT box has actually been. Ankita will be sending it to Juliet next for the CAFF small farms demo. Going forward, anyone who gets the box would update the inventory as well. We need more stickers - a good vendor is sticker mule, Juliet will order these for the CAFF conference. If org’s can send flyers to Ankita, then she is happy to distribute them. Amber can work on getting Our Sci and OFN flyers sent to Ankita, Paul will work on farmOS. Send flyers to:

Ankita Raturi
225 S University Street
West Lafayette, Indiana


GOAT Community Organizer Job Description - Worked in this doc. Referenced the budget from the last call.

Ankita will work on the application process and it will likely be a discussion with candidates during a GOAT call and a community survey.

[09:03] Paul W: Rosia I think you might have some echo :slight_smile:
[09:03] Amber: Attending/Exhibiting at the Regenerate Conference - #3 by julietnpn
[09:03] Amber: 2023.10.18 Community Call @ 9 am Pacific Time
[09:06] Juliet (she/her): https://regenerateconference.com/
[09:07] Amber: JUliet you lost your aduio
[09:07] Amber: We can hear you
[09:16] Paul W: Re: regenerate I see OpenTEAM + Wolfes Neck are sponsors, is anyone else already attending? Can we bootstrap them with materials/info?
[09:17] Sienna Zuco: I think from our team its a lot of Action folks (Hannah, and the regional PMs) – can follow-up there!
[09:20] Sienna Zuco: I believe we had it at Pasa! and Greg managed it!
[09:21] Sienna Zuco: Pasa was Feb 8-10 - that is what I have on my calendar
[09:21] Sienna Zuco: I don’t! Unsure if they went!
[09:23] Paul W: We need a QR code to this spreadsheet :slight_smile:
[09:23] Juliet (she/her): GOAT Booth Attendee Contact Template - Google Sheets
[09:25] Juliet (she/her): Sticker Mule
[09:27] Juliet (she/her): GOAT box light vs Purdue’s box?
[09:29] Juliet (she/her): OpenTEAM may be able to use a GOAT box light
[09:29] Juliet (she/her): Since they go to conferences in ROME, etc
[09:29] Juliet (she/her): :slight_smile:
[09:29] Sienna Zuco: lol yes not me unfortunately
[09:30] Juliet (she/her): Earthquake early warning
[09:31] Juliet (she/her): I agree - product owners need to be sending materials to the distributors.
[09:31] Jamie (he/him): Jamie reacted to “Earthquake early warning” with :grimacing:
[09:32] Ankita: Ankita Raturi
225 S University Street
West Lafayette, Indiana
[09:33] Ankita: Community Organizer Job Description - Google Docs
[09:44] Ankita: Community Organizer Job Description - Google Docs
[09:45] Amber: Budget - Budget - Google Sheets
[09:53] Jamie (he/him): are things like forum moderation and general “help desk” responsibilities asking too much?
[09:53] Jamie (he/him): (maybe just as a point person to fwd ppl with needs/concerns/requests to other organizers?)
[09:53] Juliet (she/her): would that be a bite-sized community role?
[09:54] Jamie (he/him): oh, no, but part of the job description
[09:54] Jamie (he/him): but also moderator could be a bite size role, assuming it can be distributed and not all on one person
[09:54] calix (they/them): i have to jet, chaining calls this afternoon and got another one in 5m. lovely GOATing with y’all! :goat:
[09:55] Juliet (she/her): Bye Calix!
[09:55] Juliet (she/her): Yea, the community organizer can be the lead contact for the community
[10:01] Juliet (she/her): I need to head out now. Thank you all for coming!
[10:01] Sienna Zuco: I have to jump, but super exciting to see this position getting out there soon!
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