2024.01.17 Monthly Community Call - Western GOAT, Funding + Fiscal Sponsor Updates, More

Shared notes from the call: (bolding action items)

  • CAFF Small Farms Tech Expo and Western Goat on March 1st. We will have a GOAT booth, there will be a session on farm management software, this will be developers and users on the panel talking about how their software works. WE’re hoping to organize some sort of needs assessment to understand famres needs around ag tech. WE also plan to have a social hour at the end of the day to hopefully connect with more farmers and share more about GOAT. Will the panel be streamed? We will ask Elizabeth from CAFF on the follow-up call tomorrow. It would be nice to have a report out on the experience of a mini GOAT on the forum.

    • Check re: recordings of GOAT and other sessions @ CAFF

    • Include time to facilitate reflections on how the western GOAT went. Mini-GOAT report!

    • Registration/co-registration between CAFF + mini GOAT social hour

    • Make sure we have contact information form

  • GOAT Booth updates

      • Going to look into printing a new banner + other resources for east coast / PASA + Indiana Small Farms Conference (also on March 1st!)
      • How to better organize funding/support for GOAT booth.
      • Open Collective? Currently set up for booths/conferences as separate events. We need a clear protocol for… how this works. This would be a good job for community organizer.
      • Action: Create Open Collective events for CAFF + PASA booths/events so that is documented
  • Fiscal Sponsor update

    • NMCC w/ Marcus Estes

    • Working on signing contract

    • 1 year to spend the funding, need to think critically for 2024 GOAT Conference…

  • … GOAT 2024!

    • Gearing up core organizing team

    • Think about + hire community organizer (~1 month, done by Jan 31?)

      • Clean up job description, post, and start hiring process. Applications to open in Feb

      • Post job description on Forum and closer communities (not LinkedIn). Canonical link? Google form? Lets make a list of places to post job description.

      • Define a review process

      • OpenTEAM has just gone through designing such a process! Sienna and Anna can support.

      • Next step: create wiki post to start designing the review process: https://forum.goatech.org/t/hiring-a-community-organizer/1563

      • Fiscal sponsor doesn’t support hiring, but will handle contracts/payments.

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