GOAT Booth at the Pasa Conference Feb 8-10 2024


Greg from Our Sci has secured a booth at the Pasa Conference in February 2024. Is anyone else planning to go?


Thanks for posting this @AmberS. I can send the GOAT box to @gbathree this week.

Speaking just as myself, not on behalf of any of the other GOAT herders, I’d like to encourage all organizations who are represented at the GOAT booth to contribute to the cost of the PASA booth and the cost of sending @AmberS to work the booth by making a one time or monthly donation to the GOAT Open Collective (Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology - Open Collective). Historically only a couple of orgs have carried the financial weight for the GOAT booth. For full transparency, we have materials from the following organizations:

Furthermore, we’d love to add more organizations to this list! If you’re interested in having your materials represented, respond here or contact me at jnnorton@purdue.edu and I’ll get you situated. As more orgs are represented and contribute to the cost of operating the GOAT booth, the more awareness we bring to our community. :slight_smile:


I’m going! And I’m sure farmOS could chip in some for the booth! I’ll coordinate with @gbathree and @AmberS on costs and post a funding proposal topic on our forum for community approval. Looking forward to seeing you at PASA! :smile:

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Pasa 2024 GOAT Roundup

Hi folks, me and @mstenta Alex G, @vicsf had a great time! Overall it was lots of farmers, handed out lots of FarmOS, LiteFarm @kcussen , and OFN @laurieWayne @AmberS (and Amber I gave a lot of people your email FYI so expect follow ups :slight_smile: ). Also got to talk with the Pasa folks and definitely got some new GOATs like Lincoln from Momentum Ag and Courtney from IC Foods and others.

One thing I’d love to have is some Zines from @sudokita at some point for the east coast booth (PS we now have 2 booths! So it’s closer than ever!).

If you don’t have swag or rack cards or stickers in the GOAT booth and your a GOAT, please contact @AmberS or @sudokita (who’s getting it next) to get them shipped or printed.

We also got 20 sign ups interested in various organizations too - so GOAT booth FTW!!!

Also awesome job to everyone making better and better tools - I feel much better about talking about things this year as every single one of the tools we make and orgs / processes we’re working on has gotten better. Awesome work. I don’t have a good picture but maybe @mstenta can post one.


Oh @tibetsprague or someone from Hylo please also consider sending some rack cards - we don’t have any info about Hylo we can hand out and we definitely had some folks who were interested.