Applications, thoughts about cyclic voltammetry

Just checked out IO Rodeo, and they have a really nice working potentiostat. This allows you to do cyclic voltammetry, which can identify ppb level compounds, especially heavy metals, depending on the method you use.

Any thoughts about applications for RFC? This may be useful for on-site determination of certain pesticides (if they have known + unusual metals). Anyway, I’d love thoughts here.


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hi all
at least in Argentina they say “If it has agrotoxics it ain’t food at all”
The use of agrotoxics here is massive so I think there is a lot of potencial for open source potenciostat to be used in pesticide detection.
DStat is another powerfull open source potenciostat and there are lots of publications about voltammetric analysis of pesticides. Here a recent one about glyphosate detection in food

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Wow that DStat thing is awesome awesome awesome. I was aware of the Cheapstat, I think they actually have a better one now at ioRodeo, but the results are compelling.

I’d love to see a Dropbot with an integrated potentiostat and integrated spec (which we’re working with Ryan and Alex, a colleague of his, on)… that would be so compelling for lab uses.