Car pool from NYC airports?

Anyone else planning on coming in and out of NYC area airports and want to share a rental car?
~2hr drive from an airport should be quicker than navigating to Penn Station etc

Planning to arrive Sunday night and leave Wednesday night.

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already bought my amtrak ticket, but actually would consider ditching it if there were a few people sharing a car. Any other takers?

I’m in the same boat. Would love to share a rental car with someone from either of the mentioned airports. My plan is to arrive Afternoon of the 6th and can return either 9th or 10th.

What times I can try and make my flights match and share cost with you

Ankita (or Dave, can’t remember) made a nice sheet for this very kind of thing. We’re going to send a reminder email with a link to it. It’s on the 2nd sheet of this link. I put in my info already -

Has any progress been made on deciding if we should just get a shuttle out of the city in the evening? Or is everyone just planning on private messaging every other person on the carpool list after they start to feel like they have procrastinated just enough?

Game for either just curious how to turn the carpool sheet into action.

Yes, there will be a shuttle - there’s certainly enough people interested, so you can plan on it. I’ll email folks in a week or so to nail down the exact pickup route, but we’ll get you, no worries :slight_smile:

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