Cases/enclosures and mounting options

I really like as an option for mounting boards inside a case. I would be good to experiment with configurations for a box like

I guess we will have to think through the different use cases and what equipment will have to fit into the case. e.g. power, connectivity, etc.

Lower cost polycarbonate cases are also an option, but don’t have the nice mounting holes already formed. - I like the 11" Husky polycarbonate box for $12 - it is pretty good.

the 7" version is about $8.

Boxco - makes some fairly nice ones as well - a 7" is around $17

For some applications round PVC fanged/gasketed pipe fittings may also be a good solution - although not necessarily less expensive.

Some Enclosures being discussed in the FIOT RIOT chat:


Mastheads/Cable Glands (through wall fittings)

Adafruit has cable glands that look like they will fit the 2 different 1-wire seniors I have.

Also, I asked about cases over at and got some good recommendations…

Has anyone had success drilling holes in palycarboate cases? My memory is that it tends to crack.

Also might be worth looking at utility boxes. They don’t tend to be fully waterproof, but might be enough if we find one designed to hold electronics. I have 7"x5"x1.5" OUTDOOR CABLETEK ENCLOSURE PLASTIC GRAY CASE UTILITY CABLE BOX MTE-S and it don’t quite seen like enough. Not sure what the NEMA rating is.

I think NEMA 3 should be enough

One approach for drilling in most harder/brittle plastics in general is to run the bit backwards so the bit doesn’t catch.