Casual Micro GOAT during or around Eco-Farm, Jan 18-21?

GOATs of the West! Your besties @paul121, @AmberS and @laurieWayne are headed to Eco-Farm, where they will be holding down a booth at the expo. We’re coming from all different corners of the west, and how much would we love to get together with some Bay Area GOATs (and GOATs who might be at Eco-Farm maybe even)? Answer: thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis :hugs: much!

Any ideas there? I think we three will be focused on being at the conference, staffing the booth, and welcoming new farmers and others to the world of Open Source Ag Tech, but we might totally come if you arranged something maybe on the 21st in the afternoon or something? Things I think we would be open to:

  • Beers (etc) somewhere cool
  • Beers and cookout at your house
  • Tea and cookies at your mom’s house
  • Big triumphant party on your million dollar yacht while whale watching in the Monterey Bay on a beautiful bright day
  • Etc

Whatcha say?


YESSS! Thank you for this post and for helping to organize something. I will be there the 18th-21st (along with a majority of the team from CAFF) and I’d love to help with the booth and catch up with folks! I’ll have a rental car and will be driving up from Ventura County if anyone needs a ride.

I’m still working on my yacht connections and will immediately invite everyone and their mothers as soon as I secure the keys to my future yacht. If that falls through, we can get a blow up raft and sail out to sea and do some team building.

Laurie - can’t wait to see you Pumpkin BESTIE!


LLookiing forward to EcoFarm and seeing folks! I don’t think there are any big plans re: conference Wednesday evening if anyone wants to get together somewhere? Feel free to text me at 619-277-8975. I’ll be setting up CAFF’s booth Wed evening until about 6ish, then dinner, then FREE!