Check out the sweet new website :)

Hey all esp. @sudokita @dornawcox @donblair @davd - I updated the format of, so that each category has a more prominantly displayed logo, and that the category pages show the subcategories at the top. If you choose to ‘pin’ a topic in your category, it will show up at the top of your category page along with your logo (see example here

I think this allows the orgs which are co-locating here to not get lost in the shuffle, which is good :slight_smile:

I hope folks like this more, let me know if you need any support on making adjustments to your pages.


I like it!

(my post apparently has to be more than 20 characters. I was not allowed to just post “I like it.” THIS IS ALL FLUFFY TEXT IN HERE)

Fantastic! I like the new layout. Do you all have thoughts about how to integrate our upcoming video series (and swag) into the existing website?

Well, there is always the top level pinned post (that appears on the front page). We all don’t see it anymore but if you logged in as a new user you’d probably see it again. We can put the video series there. It would be nice to have a more permanent place on the top level to put items like that… I’ll see what I can see!

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This is a good job. What is the plan for goat next year, I will really love researchers to visit my University (LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY) community and see how we can assist the vegetables plantation farmers in testing the soil, improving its quality and improving the levels of production.



We discussed putting the swag part on the wordpress website (, though we could easily post it on the forum too. WRT the video series, should we consider posting those to the website too? We are auto-tweeting posts like the GOAT Report and the article you, Mike Komp and @dbuckmas wrote. It might be nice to have those up there as well.

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