Closing Session

Facilitators: Ankita and Greg
Notes: Samuel

Open Comment Section

  • What are the common goals of GOAT??
  • Looking at the ideas from the groups consciousness in the morning
  • lack of representation
  • lack of technical support
  • funding
  • missing tech pieces
  • lack of awareness
  • lack of beacon on the hill
  • reduce duplication of effects
  • knowledge sharing
  • interoperability
  • information flows
  • shared data

Looking to Next Year

  • personal work
  • personal relationships
  • users and developers are not connecting with
  • hackathons and meetups throughout the year
  • working groups throughout the year
  • longer term collaborations
  • in residence programs
  • We need successful pilot projects to come out of this
  • Burn out and hands on…
  • how to avoid info overload


Specific use case…
come up with an applied hackathon that approaches a specific challenge
LEE volunteers

Write ups

3 slide summaries of what happened

Dennis and Mike and Dorn will do a write up on the event

  • Need images

We want diversity of voices

Is this a summary – is it what we are as a group?
Whoever shows up to edit helps determine the group… may not be democratic, but it is functional… we role with that so we don’t get stuck!

A thank you to the funders…

We need a google drive of photos to be put together in one place

what will this community look like? Do we need a board? What is the structure of this organization?
Come up with a statement of values
Dave Volunteers

When we talk about governance
how with loose membership do we have ownership
how do include farmers in the schema,
and how do we come up with a neutral schema that is not closed to othe rpeople participating in it.

think membership rather than ownership
form a working group on Data

Talking about GOAT

If you are writing on your own opinion it is okay to go ahead

If you are writing on the perspective of the GOAT then it needs some feedback maybe put it on GIT
seeing open as good thing rather than worrying
concern, if you are going to write something about goat you need to provie the community a heads up to review.
Is that a norm we want to have?
What about tweets or personal reflections?
When there are things that really represent or speak of something as a group it would be good to post it on the forum
write it on google doc for collaboration

Actions members from the meeting will take on

Mike will create a directory structure for all these things
Juliet will herd cats around people’s work stack
maybe we can use stack share as the tool for this

Dave will create iteration one ag sensor kit for dummies for people to be able to use and host a webinar
Barbara volunteers to help

Job board thing and a protocol for posting

Dennis – monthly seminar

Greg – plan a technologist in residence program

Juliet and Ankita – Planning GOAT workshops where you can do a miniGoat
Juliet – devs and users communicating
talk to Juliet if you need support with this


Samuel will work on
contact card for each person from the event - human resource mapping

  • what you have made
  • here is what I am interested in
  • Here are the tools I use
  • what communciation tools I use – git, trello, farmhack etc

Samuel - Farmer/Dinner events

Dorn – to work on calendar

Jaimie on Website -does anyone want to be on this

Beacon on the Hill
can we put all the things that people did or are working on

Blog post

  • Samuel

Celebrating launches and mergers? Integration
Greg - Hyper Spectral imager

Jane – will have student work on this – but needs support from the group for feedback
model how the cube set specification took off
have those parameters defined

Farm sensing system
Dorn volunteers to be part on of it

Brian -Problem/Solution repository
protocol of methodology for solving problems with hardware and software
for people to pull and replicate

Food and Agriculture Research fuding

Can we set up a funder board? If you know there are people or opportunities (Chris)