Collaborative Conference Planning

I think there is some excellent conversation around what we call our community and how we identify across organizations. I really like having collaborative in our identify. Open Farms Collaborative is one option that would avoid confusion with the MIT Open Agriculture project. I do like the Open Ag Developer collaborative identify, but in at least one major technical community it could cause some confusion.

It will also be important to share a glossary and how the developer and tech focused community intersects with parts of soil health and ecosystem service communities, Open hardware and open science communities, Farm Hack and the real food community.

I look forward to diving in and using this forum to document and share our thinking and document our collective progress. I spent a good deal of time today working on an expanded concept paper and look forward to posting portions of it over the weekend!

Awesome, welcome to the forums, looking forward to more feedback!

Jump into the name discussion in the organizers category, I’d love to get your two cents there.