Conference at UVM Agroecology

Hannah from UBC shared this with me, just passing it along!

Hi everyone,

We’re writing to invite you to register for our event on September 18th: Seeding Transformation – A Global Forum on Food Systems and Agroecology . The event will dig into the core issues at the roots of the problems with our food system and features a slate of panelists from around the world who are at the forefront of thinking and action on just transitions in food systems. It will be held both in-person in Vermont and will also be live-streamed.

Learn more about the event here and register here for in person or live-streamed participation**.**

We hope to see you there!


Martha, Colin, Ernesto, the UVM IfA Team

Institute for Agroecology

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In a nutshell:

Who? Hosted by the UVM Institute for Agroecology, and joined by guests from Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America!

What? A half-day public conference focused on social, ecological, and political transformation that lies at the heart of agroecology and the transition towards more just and sustainable food systems. We are also celebrating the launch of the Institute for Agroecology (IfA)!

Where? Davis Center, University of Vermont

When? September 18th, 2023, 1-7:30pm

Why? To convene recognized scholars, activists, organizers, and partners visiting from around the world who will be presenting about agroecology and global food system transformation movements.

How? Limited in-person tickets are available on a sliding scale (all proceeds support NOFA Vermont’s flood relief fund), and unlimited online streaming tickets are free (donations to NOFA welcome).

Bonus: If you are teaching, use this learning and curriculum kit to engage your students in the Global Forum.

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haha just seeing this but a different set of breadcrumbs led me to this - it was really fantastic! If you’re reading this and you are interested, I could share some recordings with you.