Conferences online... how about this not s*^$ty way to do it!

@Don especially want your feedback mr. p2p :slight_smile:

We were brainstorming about ways to run an online meeting, and how we would like it to work.

We kind of imagined something list a website which has links to rooms (video chat rooms), with the number of people in the room, a description (adjustable by the people in the room), and a link to the schedule. That way people can pop in the rooms they want ot be in, or take over a breakout room and get to work on a project together.

Here’s some basic layout ideas, and somoe technical requirements needed (assuming we’re using Jitsi)…

What do you all think of this as a concept?


I posted this in GOAT a few days ago and think it should be consulted.

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I think Kita had read portions of that when we discussed this, and I had looked through parts as well - but I agree that’s certainly a more thorough, considered method than what I posted :slight_smile: This just came out more as a technological solution than a process solution.