Connecting sensors to FarmOS with Node-RED Seems like a good flexible GUI for IoT programing.
It is provided by default on Open Energy Monitor and GrovePi so there is some examples to look at.

I am also using it in

I figured out how to send data to FarmOS

Example code

Now trying to get GrovePi sensors working. I created but maybe this something that comes with Raspian.

I got it working!

Pretty simple once you figure out what is needed.
Starting from a basic GrovePi setup like all I had to do was

  1. Install npm and a newer version of Node-Red that has the “Manage Pallet” menu option. I used the official script from for this
  2. Add from the “Manage Pallet” menu.

From there you should have some new GrovePi nodes in Node-RED and the options are pretty clear.

I am starting to work on a demo video. If you want do see that let me know, it might encourage me to get it done faster :slight_smile:

Ok, I discovered by accidentally unplugging this pi that Node-RED will not automatically restart unless you run sudo systemctl enable nodered.service as stated on

Hi, I’m new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I couldn’t find a ‘meet and greet section’ so I posted it in a section I have specific interest in.

I’m a freelance software/hardware developer in South Africa. I grew up on a farm and it’s still a passion, therefore the interest in AgTech. I’ve been tinkering with some farm IoT ideas for a while and looking for like minded individuals. Happy to have found this forum.

I have put together a Raspberry Pi IoT gateway running Node-Red to connect with (potentially) various sensors on low cost cheap hardware via MQTT. So far I have used the ESP8266 running A very cool open source embedded OS.

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Wow this is so cool, I’ve never seen that before. I’m super impressed. If you get something cool up and running that ag-specific in it’s orientation using Node Red, I’d love to see a walk through video (even a poorly edited one). @mdc you should check this out - watch the video at the beginning of the node red page.

Check out for a tutorial on how to do this with a GrovePi. I also have a video of this