Data Food Consortium: Webinar March 9 2021

The Open Food Network is working a lot on interoperability between OFN and other systems and apps (as well as an API). Canada is hosting an informational webinar about the work of the Data Food Consortium and how it might figure in to interface design and implementation. You’re invited. I will post more info, and agenda, and link to attend here as we get closer, or feel free to ping me to get more info.


Oh this is so awesome! Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting updates!

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Here’s the info - it looks like it will be really interesting! (Coop Circuit is the cooperative of users of the Open Food Network in France, FYI) - this webinar is hosted by Open Food Network, Canada, who says:

Here is the registration link to our webinar:

Please feel free to share it with your networks and on your socials :slight_smile:
We also created a Facebook event here :