Deadline Extended: June 25th! - International Data Week: Information Technologies in Agriculture

International Data Week (IDW) will be held in Gaborone, Botswana in November. There is a SciDataCon Session: New and Emerging Technologies in Agriculture - It would be great to have presentations on any Ag information/data research or tool/technology (e.g. farmOS?? Regen Network?) or even a broader presentation on general GOAT activity. Anyone is invited to submit an abstract, due June 25th

Submit an abstract: to Session #215 at Abstracts are due June 25th and are relatively short (max 600 words) can be submitted as practice papers - presenting on projects or works in progress.

Session Description:
New and Emerging Technologies in Agriculture: SciDataCon Session #215 – summary session description: This session seeks contributions from those engaged in new and emerging data and information technologies within agricultural systems. These technologies (e.g. unmanned aircraft systems, ICTs, semantic technologies) are increasingly being used in agriculture to collect, link, and distribute data and information relevant for decision making. We welcome abstracts on technology use or development from a variety of perspectives (e.g. scale, sector), with the aim to showcase the capabilities of these technologies, and comprehensively consider their role in producing and sharing useful information in agricultural systems in three ways: (1) Sharing knowledge, opportunities, and research on technology use. (2) Sharing lessons and considerations regarding the challenges of technology use. (3) Connecting this work to broader agricultural data and information discussions and initiatives.

Why IDW is Great and You Should Submit a Session and Join:
I’ve found IDW to be a great opportunity for connecting between data practitioners, information managers, researchers, and policymakers - with several active Agriculture Working Groups (e.g. IGAD and On-Farm Data Sharing) that will be hosting events during the week. It seems like a lot of great potential links between folks working in tech, data and info management in global ag development.

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