Designing UX "pathways" in farmOS (a chance to talk ontologies!)

Hey all,

I wanted to take a moment to cross-post a discussion we’ve been having over on the farmOS forum:

TL;DR: We’re exploring the possibility of adopting more flexible UI/UX designs that correspond to more general “pathways” or categories of different actions you might perform in farmOS, rather than basing our UI/UX on the underlying data model. For instance, instead of comprising our main menu of Areas, Assets, Logs and People, which correspond directly the main entities in our data model, it might make more sense to have a general “Plantings” pathways, which links to both assets and logs that concern planting.

I specifically want to bring this up because I feel like this may be relevant to other discussions here about ontologies and the like. I’d love to hear what @sudokita and @julietnpn in particular think about this. Perhaps we could discuss more when we’re at Paicines, but I thought I’d plant the seed here. Perhaps we could use this as a prompt in discussion at that time, as a more concrete user scenario around which we can start to build a more “human-centered” approach to these sorts of issues of categorization. If that makes sense to anyone?

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