Discuss 2020 data!

Here’s a good place to discuss 2020 data - I’ll put more here shortly to get things started (links etc.)

Here’s the data dashboard: https://app.surveystack.io/static/pages/inner?explained=antioxidants

I’d love to hear what you think. If it’s broken please tell us!!!

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Thanks Greg, this is awesome to see!

I know our goal with the RFC is to identify crops with outstanding nutritional levels, but as a data scientist, when I see a visual like this one:

I don’t think “Wow, that must be a really nutritious leek!!” but rather “Wow, something wacky must be going on with that leek data!” In terms of transparency, how can we share with our users the sort of validation and fidelity, QA, etc. we are doing to build confidence in these findings? Or, alternately, what’s going on with this leek!!

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