Downtime activities at the conference

There are a lot of fun things to do at the Omega. Check out the “Play” section of their website for more details…

Does anyone want to organize a game of basketball? Tennis tournament?

There is a large pond for boating and swimming (if you like cold water) and a sauna.

Gardens, trails and a labyrinth for meditative walks.

Board games? People can bring whatever they have available/space in bags for?

Board games, swimming, gardens, trains, and labyrinths all sound really nice to me. I personally am not interesting in basketball, sorry. Does anybody happen to be a yoga instructor? I’d love to do yoga early morning before the conference activities begin.

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Yoga is kind of their thing, so that’s a definite yes. I think we’re going to announce the yoga and meditation activities once we’re there, though I’m pretty sure there’s one or the other every morning before breakfast if you’d like.

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TED/Youtube talk bing?

Could be fun to collate a bunch of Open tech/Ag talks and watch them together, should seed some good discussion too

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Omega offers yoga classes before breakfast and dinner.

Here is the schedule for open classes, sauna, dining hall, etc.

Open Classes

Intermediate Yoga … Main Hall
Meditation … Sanctuary
Tai Chi/Qigong … Movement Studio

12:15pm-1:00pm and 5:30pm-6:15pm
Dance/Movement … Movement Studio

Beginner Yoga … Main Hall
Meditation … Sanctuary

12-Step Meeting… Mullberry

Tour of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living … OCSL
Building Community Through Play … Main Hall
Laughter Yoga … Movement Studio

Take Omega Home With You … Library

Sauna Hours