Economical Outcome of Regen Network for Smallholder Farmers

Dear Regen Network Team,
Let me start with introducing myself. My name is Tayfun Bahsi and i am working for Inditex group’s (who owns Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear and more) sourcing office in Turkey (the biggest sourcing market of Inditex.) as Finance Manager. And i am also managing a farm level project for group where we target to increase organic cotton production in entire world!

As India is the largest organic cotton producer in the world, i am working in India to develop a structure where smallholder farmers will benefit profitable organic cotton production. Our approach is “Farmers First” where we want to ensure their livelihood improvements. Long story short, i am dealing with smallholder farmers and developing additional financial tools to improve their working capital needs and market conditions of interest rates.

I am in contact with several NGOs, local and international financial institutions, and put brand’s perspective to establish a structure that not relies on grants or philanthropy but pure commercial facts.

Financing smallholder farmers are not easy due to risk management process for financial institutions and there is no clear roadmap that things will change in near soon. Our most important expectation for establishing a trusted structure is traceability. And it is not only for commodity or goods but also payments starting from brand until farm gate to farmers.

I also investigated Carbon Credit Structure as increasing organic production reduces CO2 emissions. I do not have enough knowledge about blockchain but i know that it is the technology that can provide the security of information on both sides. I have some thoughts to reach individual farmers and Regen Network’s mindset is really impressive and aimig to fill an important gap, not only for agriculture sector but also finance, energy and even textile sectors.

What not clear to me is how this structure ensure that farmers, at least smallholder farmers, can benefit from this structure? And what is the difference of Regen Network rather than its competitors?

I would like to have further discussions in order to have better understanding. Looking forward to hear from you.
Kind regards

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Tayfun: hi. My name is Miguel Novik. It sounds very interesting your project.
let us review if we have the same targets and if we could work together…
You asked:
…¨What not clear to me is how this structure ensure that farmers, at least smallholder farmers, can benefit from this structure? And what is the difference of Regen Network rather than its competitors?¨.
I can´t answer these questions. I would like to add an other questions… specially inside this Gosh environment where we aim for open collaboration: Which are ¨ the competitors for Regen Network¨ ? I mean, if their target is to solve ecological problem, all the groups that aim to solve ecological problem should work together. (otherwise it means that each group is prioritizing other issues that the ecologicals ones)
… In my opinion we are not working together because all of us have to make a living… we all have to pay the bills every month.
I think that we are trapped in this dynamic, where we the current commercial and labor dynamic push us to ensure first our own ¨ survival and better position in work and market¨, instead of ¨ the common Good¨. As I expressed in ¨ Introduce yourself to GOAT¨ one year ago, the focus of my work is to merge both… The fact that we have to work and make a living, and at the same time ensure common wellbeing…

If you would like to build the network with total transparency, and making evident this fact (that we have to make a living and build the common good at the same time), please do not hesitate in contacting me +972 58 4881158

Thanks for the inquiry Bahsi!

From someone else on our team:

Have you had an opportunity to first review these resources to become more familiar with the process: Project Developer 101 & Regen Registry FAQ? You can enroll by filling out the project intake form via the “Sign Up Now” button on this webpage. Please fill out a form for each individual project location and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Hi Bahsi,

Please contact and he will be able to help you directly. :slight_smile:


Daniel Pittman
Regen Community Manager