Email issue reports/questions

If anyone is having issues with emails please post them here.


  1. Emails are sent from so check your spam folder or search for that address.
  2. When you create an account you should get an email with the subject [GOATech] Confirm your new account
  3. If you don’t confirm your email address people can’t @ mention you.
  4. You can change options for when you get emails from the forum in your preferences under email.

FWIW my emails were going into spam leading up to the conference. I noticed a week before and marked “Not spam” in my gmail and that has seemed to fix the issue.

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Forum emails started going in my Gmail spam again… :frowning:

If it helps this is the Gmail info:

[User name] via GOATech via

Why is this message in spam? Lots of messages from were identified as spam in the past.

Also it seems that doesn’t exist anymore. The email gods probably won’t be happy while that URL doesn’t exist. Could we switch to a GOAT email service/do we already have one?

Thank you @3wordchant @jgaehring @mstenta for fixing this. For future reference it seems that setting the contact email, contact url and notification email in Discord settings fixed this.