Encrypt the forums

Maybe use https://letsencrypt.org/

@david.n.forster is this something you can do? happy to help.

yeah, HTTPS used to cost money, now it’s free (thanks big tech conglomerate tired of stupid hosting companies charging for something they shouldn’t be charging for).

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I’ve set up LetsEncrypt before and am happy to support. Who has access to the VPS this is running on?

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I do.
Somehow I missed this.
I think it is still worth doing.
I have set up LetsEncrypt before but its been a bit

@mikahpinegar just set our org up with 15-year certs from CloudFlare after LE headaches, FYI

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yeah it’s pretty easy. i could probably set it up for the forum if you guys want. is it hosted on a vm with a static ip?

Epilogue: the forums are now encrypted :relieved: Well done, folks! :clap: