Executive Director at Permaculture non-profit

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The following is an expanded view of some of the responsibilities and tasks undertaken by the Executive Director. The list is not exhaustive but represents a smattering of areas of focus.

Leadership and Visioning the next iteration of Quail Springs

  • Assist in the strategic planning process for both long- and short-term planning on all organizational levels
  • Creatively weave the permaculture ethics and principles into the organization and community
  • Support the process of the Permaculture site redesign
  • Be a leader within the context of community

Representation & outreach

  • Represent, resource, and promote the non-profit organization in the greater community
  • Work closely with Quail Springs resident community in program development, budgeting, marketing and implementation with special emphasis on outreach to the Cuyama Valley Community


  • Maintain legality of nonprofit status and for all tax exemptions, local, state and federal
  • Oversee the employee relationship process including hiring, evaluation, records, payroll, etc.


  • Be part of the design and implementation of fundraising strategies together with the development officer or team
    • Strategize and have a large role in Phase II of the Capital Campaign
    • Play a part in the research, writing or editing of grants for, among other things, programing, ecological restoration/wild tending, farming and related activities, core support, and the capital campaign


  • Ensures responsible fiscal management through budgeting, bookkeeping, cash flows, & reporting
  • Provide information for and review annual 990 tax forms

Staff Support and Development

  • Supporting staff to successfully be in their roles and in creatively and pragmatically moving the different aspects of Quail Springs forward. For example, in areas such as:
    • Farm & Garden
    • Programming
    • Wild Tending
    • Ecological Restoration
    • Entrepreneurship

Ecological and Social Restoration/Justice

  • Creative collaboration with other organizations working on social justice and environmental issues.
    • Augmenting the understanding of and implementation of social justice within the community and organization
    • Determine feasible ways to increase access to those groups for whom nature-based education is not typically accessible
  • Work with site stewards, including farm team, in managing the demonstration site for long term goals

You are emotionally intelligent, a strategic planner, a fair and balanced leader, financially savvy, and have a keen sense of organizational management. You are inspired rather than discouraged by challenges, one who enjoys interacting with people of all ages, races and genders, and who loves the outdoors, is inspired by nature and appreciates the vision of inspiring society at large about an alternate future in which the principles of permaculture are widely valued and accepted. You are physically and emotionally resilient and at home living on the land in sometimes changing levels of comfort (extreme cold, extreme heat, and off-grid living).