Farm Hack Events

I have some events planned for the summer, and a couple ideas for events for the fall and/or winter.

The Farm Hack calendar is up to date.

Saturday, June 22 at Farm and Homestead Day at the MOFGA fairgrounds in Unity, ME. I will be providing tools and materials, a space, and instruction, for participants to familiarize themselves with basic tool use and construction techniques.
(This weekend!)

Saturday, July 20 at The Greenhorns/ Smithereen Farm in Pembroke, ME. I will be leading workshop participants through building their own farm and garden cart out of bent conduit piping and bicycle wheels.

September 20-22 I will be at the Common Ground Fair at the MOFGA fairgrounds in Unity, ME. I will be hosting the same workshop as at Farm and Homestead Day.

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I am starting to actively plan events for the fall and winter. The website grew out of communities of farmers coming together to talk about the problems they faced, their solutions, and to brainstorm and build together. That is an important part of the project that I want to try to revive.

I think a 1-2 day event to invite people from all over the region would be a great way to build connections and a future for the project. I have a workshop concept on how to design a small solar system- the theory, the hardware, and some policy info for those wanting to invest in a larger system. I would also like to try to incorporate some time for free-form brainstorming and/or a more formal design charrette.

I am based in Maine and Massachusetts, and would be organizing something for the New England region. If anyone is interested in helping to organize, or is interested in a similar event in their own region, I would love to talk more.

I would also like to do outreach to a few community farms and gardens, and learn more about the maker energy/needs of their communities. There could be opportunities for collaboration there.

If you have any feedback or ideas you’d like to share about public gatherings and spaces that could nurture the farm hack community, I would love to hear more. Tell me about the maker energy/needs in your community, and ways that you want to be engaged and active in the project.

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