Farm Hack Interviews

Hi all,

I’m working on the Farm Hack evaluation and guide project with Chris Maughan, Garethe, and a bunch of others and part of it involves carrying out interviews of Farm Hack attendees and organisers. It will contribute to the Farm Hack evaluation and guide but also to my research project Resisting, Learning, Growing which is studying social movement learning and organising practices in the UK agroecology movement and their impact on transforming the food system.

If you’ve attended any of the Farm Hack events and would have 1 - 1.5 hrs spare to do an interview then let me know. At the moment I’ve only done seven interviews and it would be good to have a spread of experiences from the different FHs. My email is or just message me on here or reply to the thread. Also if you know anyone else not on Goatech who might have time for an interview then that would be really helpful, cheers!



I haven’t been to any Farm Hack events (sadly), but perhaps @mstenta or @dornawcox could tag some others on this forum to participate?