Farm Hack Thames Valley 2019 organising hub

This is both a debrief post following on from the meeting yesterday & I propose a central hub where to find all the stuff related to organising this event. Nice to see/meet everyone.

I’ve taken the liberty to, following a request from the folks organising a Farm Hack event in Scotland, change the event name, in this post, to Farm Hack Reading 2019 (happy to change this to something else - if I had of remembered I would have brought it up for discussion yesterday).

I’m going to make this here post a wiki, which means you should all be able to edit it, by clicking on the pen icon below.

I suggest we have links here to other spaces where we are organising stuff & that where possible we try to keep as much organising stuff on this forum, so ithings are easy to find for anyone whos helping out with the organising, or anyone who wants to see what was involved in collaboratively organising a Farm Hack gathering in a field.

At the bottom of each topic underneath all the replies is a box where it says ‘Normal’ you can click on this and set it to ‘Watching’ if you wish to be notified of any posts in that topic.

I would like to remind people not to post anybodies email addresses or phone numbers to the forums - unless they are happy to have them shared publicly. Its possible to send private messages to other people here (click on your user icon top right, then the envelope) if you dont have another way to pass this kind of information about.

I’ve made a new topic for each organising group and made my first post a wiki so that anyone can edit it and put info there that needs to be easy to find. You can post replies/have discussions within each groups topic.
Annoyingly I didnt take a photo of/note the list of organising groups - I hope I remember them all…

-Site group Farm Hack Reading 2019
-Promotion group Farm Hack Reading 2019
-Finance group Farm Hack Thames Valley 2019
-Program organising group Farm Hack Thames Valley 2019
-Coordinating group Farm Hack Reading 2019


Following some discussion with people expressing concern with confusion around Reading and reading it was decided to change to Farm Hack Thames Valley